Natural phenomena

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    Video caption: Australia: Spectacular ‘tree of life’ found in lake

    An amateur photographer’s aerial photos are gaining attention for this little known ‘natural wonder’.

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    Video caption: What is Sudden Stratospheric Warming?

    A phenomenon called sudden stratospheric warming is currently taking place, but what is it and what does it mean for the weather in the UK?

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    Video caption: What is thunder snow?

    Parts of Scotland experienced a rare meteorological phenomenon early on Friday morning - thunder snow. Nick Miller explains what it is.

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    Video caption: Thunder snow - what is it?

    Residents of Scotland were woken up last night by a strange sound which some thought was an explosion. It turned out to be thunder snow, an uncommon meteorological phenomenon.

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    Video caption: Stunning aurora display across Scotland and Northern Ireland

    Parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland saw a return of the aurora borealis on Wednesday night. Here's some of the amazing shots taken by BBC Weather Watchers.

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    Video caption: Why has the San Francisco sky turned orange?

    Why has the San Francisco sky turned orange?

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    Video caption: Colorado gets a weather whiplash

    In a matter of a day, the US state has experience a wild weather swing from record-shattering heat to cold and snow conditions. Darren Bett explains.

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    Video caption: What happens after Hurricane Laura?

    Laura weakened as it moved inland but will continue to bring torrential rain and flooding over the coming days. Meanwhile, there are more storms brewing in the Atlantic.

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    Video caption: 'Reverse waterfall’ captured near Sydney

    Wild weather on the New South Wales coast has blown waterfalls upstream.

  10. Second picture confirms west Cumbria twister

    You may remember yesterday we shared social media from Sellafield showing a well-developed funnel cloud coming towards Sellafield from the sea, and here is another photo showing it grew even longer as it came ashore.


    The picture comes from Robert Mills, who saw it from Egremont and watched as the lower end went towards the ground, at which point it becomes a tornado rather than a funnel cloud.

    Our thanks to Robert for sending it in - and did anyone else see it, and did it do any damage? You can email it to us, or tweet it.

  11. Sellafield police put a new twist on observation

    The specialised police who guard the nuclear reprocessing plant at Sellafield from various hazards saw something outside their normal observations among the blustery showers blowing in from the Irish Sea at the weekend.

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    This may be what meteorologists call "the odd shower".

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    Video caption: Hurricane Isaias heads for Florida

    A state of emergency has been declared along the east coast of Florida has Hurricane Isaias approaches.

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    Video caption: Mulitple storms in the Pacific and Atlantic

    It's forecast to be a busy hurricane season and there are currently three major storms in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, including Hurricane Douglas.

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    Video caption: Climate Check

    In the latest edition of Climate Check, we look at why the polar regions are warming so fast and how higher temperatures here can affect the rest of the world.

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    Video caption: Flying ant day

    Swarms of flying ants appeared across parts of England on Sunday. There were so many they showed up on the radar!

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    Video caption: Devastating floods in China and Japan

    Parts of China and Japan have seen extraordinary amounts of rain this week with hundreds of thousands of people advised to evacuate.

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    Video caption: Weather for the week ahead

    Many parts of the UK are desperate for rain and it looks like the areas which need it most could finally see some in the week ahead.