Ashley Jenkins wants to see more people with disabilities in front of the camera
Ashley Jenkins thought having a disability would bar him from becoming a TV broadcaster.

"I never thought I would be presenting on radio"

Ashley Jenkins wants to see more people with disabilities in front of the camera
After swimming a mile for charity, Ashley Jenkins was approached by Bristol radio presenter Neil Maggs to join 
him on his sports television show and radio show as a co-presenter.
With this opportunity Mr Jenkins wants to 'break stereotypes' and raise awareness of how hard it is to work on a career in media with a severe disability.
Mr Jenkins said: "I certainly don’t think you get given the chance to go higher in your career in media if you are disabled".

MPs probe TV guest support after The Jeremy Kyle Show axed

Stuart George

Presenter, BBC Radio Stoke

An inquiry into the support offered to guests on TV shows, launched after ITV axed The Jeremy Kyle Show, also needs to look into how programmes are regulated, a Staffordshire MP has said.

Jeremy Kyle

ITV said the decision to end the show was as a result of the "gravity of recent events".

Steve Dymond was found dead on 9 May a week after filming the show, during which he took a lie detector test.

Following the announcement, a committee of MPs, which include Newcastle-under-Lyme MP Paul Farrelly, launched an inquiry into whether enough support is offered to guests on TV shows during and after filming.

It's not the only show of its type and I think we need to look at the broader issues and indeed how Ofcom, which is the regulator, sees whether these shows comply with broadcasting guidelines."

Paul FarrellyNewcastle-under-Lyme MP
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