Poole man who 'died for a few seconds' delighted by allergen law.

New allergen law would have prevented '20 years of hell' for Poole resident.
Steve Harris spoke to Stuart from Poole for reaction to the news that new legislation will require a full list of ingredients to be put on pre-packaged food. 

Natasha's Law hopes to prevent people suffering avoidable allergic reactions.

Stuart suffered a near fatal incident - when given a drink with lemon grass in it without labeling and 'died for a few seconds' when he was a teenager.

Does immunotherapy work for peanut allergy?

Jen describes desensitisation therapy and what it’s like to live with the condition
Peanut allergies often start in childhood and can be lifelong. For those affected, even coming close to peanuts can cause a violent reaction and even be life-threatening. 

Presenter Claudia Hammond talks to Jen about living with a severe peanut allergy and her experiences of going through experimental desensitisation therapy, which involves eating gradually increasing micro doses of peanut. 

Photo: Peanut butter with warning logo Credit: Getty Images
'This will help so many allergy sufferers'
The parents of a girl who died after eating a Pret sandwich have welcomed new proposals to list ingredients.