The 'gravity bikers' risking death for thrills in Colombia.
Young men from poor neighbourhoods risk their lives riding specially-adapted pushbikes down perilous mountain roads.

The killer fungus threatening the world's bananas

Panama disease - deadly to bananas - has reached Latin America
Panama disease - a fungus which has devastated banana crops across parts of Asia - has been found in Colombia and Ecuador.

Latin American countries produce the majority of the bananas eaten around world, raising fears that the popular fruit could be under threat.

With millions of livelihoods relying on the production and trade of the fruit, governments in the region are worried, with Colombia declaring a national emergency earlier this month.

Dr Dan Bebber of the University of Exeter - part of the research group set up to counter the threat - explains the nature of the fungus.

(Photo: Banana plantation in Colombia. Photo: Getty Images)