Detention centres

The plight of migrant children in the US

Some youngsters are denied even basic human contact
Some youngsters are denied even basic human contact. Correspondent Chris Buckler relates one story he was told about the McAllen detention centre in Texas. 
(Picture: A migrant family recently released from the detention centre in McAllen, Texas.
Credit: Reuters)

Detention centre disturbance

Danny Shaw

BBC Home Affairs Correspondent

Brook House detention centre

A "tornado" team of riot-trained prison staff was placed on stand-by at Brook House immigration removal centre on Monday.

It followed a disturbance involving around 20 detainees who apparently refused to follow staff instructions at the G4S-run facility, near Gatwick Airport.

Brook House holds up to 508 adult male asylum seekers, illegal immigrants and foreign national offenders.

Two detainees climbed on to netting during the disorder which started in mid-afternoon.

Earlier in the day, a detainee was treated by healthcare staff after trying to kill himself. A second detainee was examined after concealing a razor blade in his mouth.

The trouble was resolved without the tornado team being deployed at the centre, which is to be the subject of an independent inquiry following allegations from 2017 that detainees were mistreated by staff.

A G4S spokesperson said: “Our team responded to a contained indiscipline at Brook House Immigration Removal Centre yesterday involving a small number of detainees which has now been resolved.”