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    Video caption: Gambling addiction is 'integrated into socity'

    A former addict calls for a public health approach to dealing with the issue in Wales.

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  4. Help needed for people with gambling problems - report

    BBC Radio Jersey

    The organisation which regulates gambling in Jersey has called on the islands health authorities to do more to help people with gambling problems.

    In its annual report, the Jersey Gambling Commission said the island needed to do more to support what it described as a public health issue.

    In the report, chairman advocate Cyril Whelan said the commission did not have the knowledge or resources to help people for whom gambling had become a problem.

    He said it was recognised across the world as a public health issue, but the health authorities in the island had been slow to treat it as such.

    The commission said it believed government help was indispensable, but that getting it had been a recurring problem in recent years.

    The commission had previously drawn up a memorandum of understanding with the States, but that still hasn't been signed.