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    Video caption: 'This is War': Poland’s battle for abortion

    People have taken to the streets as the government attempts to ban nearly all abortions.

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    Video caption: The world's deepest diving pool in Poland

    Deepspot is a diving pool that goes 45.5m (150ft) down and provides a space for divers to train.

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    Video caption: Poland: EU budget comes with caveats we cannot accept

    We want the budget passed quickly, but need our rights protected, the deputy foreign minister says.

  4. 'Disco polo' row hits Polish hardship fund

    Polish wedding celebration - archive pic

    A Polish brand of dance music – disco polo – is at the centre of a row about government aid for Polish performers hit by the pandemic.

    The fund worth 400m zloty (£80m) has now been frozen, after complaints that the right-wing nationalist government was favouring disco polo stars who are already well off.

    Culture Minister Piotr Glinski said the aid issue had become politicised. Defending the Cultural Support Fund (FWK), he tweeted that “the recipients of support were not determined by sympathies, but by an algorithm showing who had lost income as a result of the pandemic”.

    But the funding – desperately needed by many artists whose income has dried up – is now under review.

    The website Notes from Poland names several disco polo stars who each got more than 500,000 zloty (£100,000).

    Disco polo - heavy on drum machines and synthesisers - is popular at Polish weddings, with its simple tunes and lyrics.

    Composer Piotr Rubik was among the critics, mocking the fund by singing: “I’ll form a disco polo band and get two million.”

  5. Poland struggles with second wave

    Adam Easton

    Warsaw Correspondent

    People take part in a strike against the tightening of abortion laws
    Image caption: Restrictions have not stopped protests against a near total ban on abortion

    The number of coronavirus infections in Poland has passed 400,000, with more than 6,000 virus-related deaths.

    Poland’s second wave is much bigger than the first. The number of new cases reported on Tuesday is 32 times higher than the highest daily number reported in the spring.

    The whole country is under the highest level of restrictions, with restaurants, cafes and bars only offering takeaway service.

    All schools have switched to online learning, apart from the first three years of primary school. Children under 16 are not allowed outside without an accompanying adult, and the over-70s are allowed out only to shop, carry out professional activities or attend church.

    But the restrictions have not stopped hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets across the country for 12 consecutive days to protest against a court ruling that introduces a near total ban on abortion.

    The outbreak is stretching the country’s public health care system to its limit, with individual hospitals having to turn patients away due to a lack of beds. Temporary hospitals are being readied in Warsaw, Krakow and Poznan and state companies are being asked to ready additional sites.

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    Video caption: Poland abortion ruling: Protests continue in Poland

    Pro-choice protesters have marched through the streets of Warsaw for the seventh day.

  7. Poland abortion ruling sparks national strike

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    Video caption: A strike is under way in opposition to a ruling introducing a near-total ban on abortion

    A strike is under way in Poland by those opposed to a court ruling that introduced a near-total ban on abortion in the mainly Catholic country.

  8. Poland abortion ruling: Protests erupt over near-total ban

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    Video caption: Activists promise to continue protests against Poland's new tougher abortion measures

    Activists promise to continue protests against Poland's new tougher abortion measures.

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    Video caption: Poland abortions: Women protest for second day against new laws

    Thousands of women are protesting in Poland against new laws that ban abortion in almost all circumstances.