George Osborne

Ex-Chancellor slams government over 'Northern Powerhouse'

Former Chancellor George Osborne has criticised what he says is the government's lack of action over the so-called "Northern Powerhouse".

George Osborne

Mr Osborne is chair of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, which is calling for an extra £1bn a year to improve education funding for the most disadvantaged children.

The organisation also wants money to be spent to create a high-speed Trans-Pennine rail link from Liverpool to Hull, via Leeds and Manchester.

Mr Osborne, who's expected to attend a Northern Powerhouse conference in Leeds later, says the north of England is being held back by a paucity of vision from ministers.

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How many jobs?

George Osborne

Former Chancellor George Osborne has added another role to his bulging portfolio of post-politics jobs.

The London Evening Standard editor has joined his brother’s San Francisco-based venture capital firm, according to the Financial Times.

Advising 9yards Capital is Mr Osborne's ninth job since he left the government, it says.

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