UK fire safety

Whirlpool admits up to 800,000 faulty dryers may exist

Tumble dryer boss apologises to customer in front of MPs
Whirlpool has admitted that there could be as many as eight hundred thousand faulty tumble-dryers in homes around the UK. Under questioning from MPs on the business committee, executives from the company said the number could be higher than previously thought. David Cornock reports.
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Is your mattress bad for your health?

Fears over health impact of flame retardants in furniture
Everyone would be safer and healthier if manufacturers stopped using flame retardants on mattresses and sofas, according to the ex-civil servant who reviewed furniture fire safety regulations.

Terry Edge told the Environment Audit Committee that he left his job over the Government's failure to 
reduce the use of potentially toxic flame retardants on furniture. 

Kristiina Cooper reports. 

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