A Sheffield photographer creates a home for mice he found running about in his garden.
Sheffield photographer Simon Dell created the home in his garden to protect the mice from cats.

Bakery responds after being fined over mouse infestation

Del Crookes

BBC News Online

Mice infestation at Vicky's Bread
Cornwall Council

A Cornwall bakery, which was fined after a council inspection found a mouse infestation, says it was a one-off and wants to reassure its customers of its "strict food hygiene practices".

Vicky’s Bread in Helston was forced to close for four days last January while it was cleaned and made pest proof.

Equipment was also found to be dirty and owners David and Victoria Harford were convicted of not maintaining an effective food safety management system.

Dirty bakery equipment
Cornwall Council

In a statement, the couple told the BBC the problem happened during the 10-day Christmas break when the bakery was closed.

For more than 12 years, we have had an impeccable health and safety track record. We admit we got it wrong on this occasion and have since implemented new stringent processes. Since reopening we have been visited by the local environmental health officers and have passed every requirement.

We are proud of our successful business and want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers for their continuing support and reassure them of our strict food hygiene practices."

Vicky and David HarfordOwners of Vicky’s Bread, Helston

Survey seeks harvest mice in Devon

BBC Radio Devon

Britain's smallest rodent, the harvest mouse, is suffering from a loss of habitat here in the West Country.

But now a group from Devon is looking at ways to help to protect it.

The Devon Mammal Group has launched plans to carry out a detailed survey of the creature across the county and is looking for volunteers.

The elusive animal is hard to spot and spends much of its life running up and down in the grass.

Harvest mouse. Pic: PA