Black History Month

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North Kensington photo series marks Black History Month

Black Panther School Bags, c. 1970
Neil Kenlock / Museum of London

The Museum of London has been giving people a rare glimpse of its photography archive through a special three-part photo series commemorating Black History Month.

Pub photo
Charlie Phillips / Museum of London

The series, which has been put together by curator of photographs Jilke Golba, features images documenting North Kensington’s Black British community.

Graffiti on door
Neil Kenlock / Museum of London

Photographers featured in the collection include:

  • Charlie Philips who captured the cultural landscape of black Britain in the post-war period for over 30 years
  • Neil Kenlock and Armet Francis who took their cameras across North Kensginton and beyond to document the lives of African-Caribbean people
  • Roger Mayne and Henry Grant who documented Londoners’ lives from an outsider’s perspective
Henry Grant photo
Henry Grant Colletion / Museum of London

Find out more about and look through the series on the museum's Discover London Through History site.

Charlie Philips photo
Charlie Philips / Museum of London
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Westminster unveils photo exhibit for Black History Month

Westminster City Council

Historic photos of a 1950s jazz band, Brazilian footballer Pelé and a 1571 death certificate of a mysterious woman are among the exhibits on display at Westminster City Council as part of Black History Month.

The images come from an archive of more than than 60,000 pictures and documents held by the council.

Death certificate
Westminster City Council

The oldest item is the death certificate for “Margaret, a moor” who is registered as being buried in September 1571. Little is known about her but the document is thought to be one of the first official mentions of a black person living in the UK.

Woman at station
Westminster City Council

Nickie Aiken, leader of Westminster City Council, said the exhibition "chronicles the life of black and minority ethnic residents from the 16th century to the 19th century", while "the 20th century section has images which chronicle everything from the growth of social reform to the emergence of black superstar celebrities".

The exhibition is open at the council's head office in Victoria weekdays from 10:00-16:00 BST and runs until mid-January.

Jazz band
Westminster City Council
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