Children's Literature

Chapter 11 - Happy To Be Here

James's adventures come to an end.
With Trevor's help, James and Freya travel through space (and time!) to hide the rings of protection in the far flung corners of Planet Earth.

Chapter 10 - Tug Of War

James and Galaxon have their final showdown.
James and Freya may be trapped on Galaxon's home planet with no way of escape, but their task is far from over. Facing Galaxon and his friends, will they be able to save the ring?

Chapter 9 - Trapped

James and Freya are stuck on another planet with no way home!
After discovering that Frank has sent James and Freya to the wrong Richmond, things go from bad to worse when it turns out they're trapped on Galaxon's home planet!

Chapter 8 - One Ring To Rule Them All

Galaxon reveals a major plot twist while watching David Attenborough documentaries.
James thinks that David Attenborough is the only person who might be able to make Galaxon understand the true beauty of Planet Earth, but Galaxon has a twist of his own to reveal.

Chapter 7 - Nice New Rebuild

Galaxon is finally brought to Planet Earth!
Having captured Galaxon, James and the gang decide to bring him to Earth to show him the wonders of our planet. But will the pan-dimensional being really be impressed?

Chapter 6 - Going Underground

James must solve a riddle to follow Galaxon.
Calling on Jayden for help, the gang must solve a riddle to access the underground realm Galaxon has fled to with James's mum. Will they be able to find him in time?

Dorset Hidden Books: Group hiding children's books across Dorset

Founder hopes literacy hide and seek will make reading more exciting
Teacher Emma Few wants to make reading more exciting and accessible.

Emma, who’s Deputy Head at Poole’s Longfleat Primary, has set up Dorset Hidden Books group.

She spoke to Steve Harris on BBC Radio Solent.

Chapter 5 - The Riddle Tree

James and the gang find themselves in a brand new dimension!
Having saved Frank the badger from the evil Galaxon, the gang follow ARAGH's best tracker to a brand new dimension in search of the final missing ring.