John Cleese

John Cleese's Dream Dinner Party

Actor, comedian, writer John Cleese in conversation with his heroes, brought back to life.
Actor, comedian and writer John Cleese hosts a dinner party with a twist - all his guests are from beyond the grave, his heroes brought back to life by the magic of the BBC radio archive.

John is joined by writer and philosopher Aldous Huxley, Hollywood actress Bette Davis, comedian and writer Spike Milligan, the film maker and writer Susan Sontag and neurologist Oliver Sacks.

While John and his guests wait for the Indian takeaway to arrive, they don't waste any time in discussing past drug experiences, the trauma of war, being a superstar, the threat of technology - and the joy of silliness.  

Then the comedians Peter Cook and Dudley Moore turn up for a late night brandy.

Presented by John Cleese  
Produced by Sarah Peters and Peregrine Andrews
Researcher: Edgar Maddicott
Executive Producer: Iain Chambers

A Tuning Fork and Open Audio production for BBC Radio 4