1. Pelosi sings Democrat praises

    California Democrat Nancy Pelosi is singing the praises of House Democrats, who have retained their majority in the chamber.

    It means Pelosi will likely return as Speaker of the House when the new Congress convenes.

    The issue that helped hand Democrats the win was healthcare, Pelosi said.

    Democrats still need to win four seats in the upper chamber of Congress, the Senate, to gain a majority there.

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  2. BreakingWest Coast projections are in


    The projections for California with its huge 55 electoral college votes are in. As expected, Joe Biden is predicted to win the state. It was once a solid Republican state but has voted Democrat since 1992.

    Oregon and Washington are both projected to vote for Biden too.

    Oregon, in America's Pacific Northwest, has voted Democrat since 1988. It's been a focal point of anti-police protests this year, an issue that's become a major dividing line during the election.

    And Washington, which is America's most north-western state, has voted Democrat by a fairly large margin in every election since 1988 (though in 2016 four of its electors were "faithless" and didn't vote for Hillary Clinton as pledged).

  3. The biggest prize: California

    Voters cast their ballots on Election Day at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood in Los Angeles
    Image caption: Voters cast their ballots on Election Day at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood

    California is the most populous state in the US, and carries the most electoral college votes, at 55.

    The Democrats have long counted on California as a more or less guaranteed source of electoral college votes.

    Yet it hasn't always been a Democratic stronghold.

    California has voted Democrat every election since 1992, but nine out of the ten elections until that point went Republican. Richard Nixon began his political career in California, while another Republican president, Ronald Reagan, was governor.

    The state's move towards the Democrats coincided with a growth in the Latino and Asian populations in California.

    In the early 1990s the Republicans pushed through the controversial Proposition 187, a law that denied basic services to illegal immigrants, something often cited as a reason for Republican decline.

    Nowadays Democrats are utterly dominant at state level, so anything other than a huge win for Biden in California would be an immense shock.

    Polls close at 23:00 EST (04:00 GMT).

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