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    Video caption: Ollie the comfort dog helps California children get vaccinated

    Ollie, a six-year-old Goldendoodle, is helping children overcome their fear of getting Covid jabs.

  2. California

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    Video caption: In California, Nadiya joins a quinceanera and meets an all-female Mexican rodeo team.

    In California, Nadiya samples Guatemalan and Salvadoran food, learns to make Chinese fortune cookies, joins a quinceanera and meets an all-female Mexican rodeo team.

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    Video caption: Can California save itself from the flames?

    Unprecedented drought and heat, combined with historic bad land management, have culminated in wildfires of historic proportion in California.

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    Video caption: US couple on alleged IVF swap: 'Our memories of childbirth will always be tainted'

    A California couple was given the wrong embryo by an IVF fertility clinic, according to a lawsuit.

  5. Louis and The Nazis

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    Video caption: Louis Theroux travels to California and meets some of America's most committed Nazis.

    Louis travels to California to mix with the White Aryan Resistance, including 11-year-old twin sisters who have been taught to sing racist pop songs by their mother.

  6. Dateline to Deadline

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    Video caption: With 22 days to go, delays, misunderstandings and a bomb impede Michael Palin's journey.

    With only 22 days to go, delays, misunderstandings and a suspect bomb all conspire to impede Michael Palin's journey around the globe.

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    Video caption: Saving a million salmon and a tribe in a historic drought

    Officials destroyed dams so salmon could swim upstream. It helped preserve the livelihoods of the Hupa tribe.

  8. California 2000

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    Video caption: Imagining how California's technology industry will evolve by the year 2000. (1966)

    First transmitted in 1966, a look at California's technology industry and its potential impact on the future.