1. Cumbrian climbers find new way up 'lost world' mountain

    Two climbers from Cumbria have led a new route on the so-called "lost world" mountain of Roraima in the south American country of Guyana.

    Leo Houlding on Roraima

    Leo Houlding (above) and Anna Taylor, 21, (below), spent two weeks working out how to get up through the vertical jungle and then the overhanging pointed end of the flat-topped mountain.

    Its shape and the isolated jungle on the top inspired stories such as Arthur Conan Doyle's Lost World and the Pixar movie "Up".

    Anna Taylor

    As they climbed the 2,000ft (600m) route, they slept in "portaledge" tents hanging off the cliff face.

    You can read the full diary here.

    Quote Message: It’s been the most incredible experience of my life.” from Anna Taylor
    Anna Taylor
  2. Leo Houlding expedition: A view to wake up to

    As a footnote to our report earlier, here is perhaps a good reason to sleep in a tent hanging from a 2,000ft cliff face.

    Dawn over Guyana mountains

    This is the early morning view from one of the camps being used by the Cumbrian climber Leo Houlding on Roraina, a flat-topped mountain entirely surrounded by cliffs in the south American country of Guyana.

  3. 'Lost World' climbers hang out base camp on mountain

    The expedition climbing a huge rock wall beneath the mountain that inspired stories of a "lost world" in the South American country of Guyana has set up a camp at the foot of the ascent.

    Leo Houlding with 'portaledge' camp

    Leo Houlding is leading a team up the 2,000ft (600m), mainly overhanging, "prow" of the cliffs that surround the flat top of the mountain called Roraima.

    The base camp, made up of of so-called "portaledge" tents above the steep and jungle-clad approach, is called after the tarantula spiders that are common in the area, and one of the Amerindian climbers being trained as part of the ascent has already suffered painful bites.

    The climbers' diary is online here.

  4. Cumbrian climbers reach 'lost world' mountain

    A team of climbers led by Cumbrian Leo Houlding and including Anna Taylor from Windermere, have reached the bottom of the 2,000ft (600m) prow of Roraima, in the South American country of Guyana.


    The six-strong group will be joined by Amerindian climbers, and they will become the first local people to make the ascent.

    They have already trekked 100km (62 miles) through the jungle, and heavy rain on the night they arrived has created waterfalls down the cliffs that surround the flat top of the 9,249ft (2,810m) mountain.

    The team now has to carry equipment up a steep slope described as a slime forest before starting the main ascent.

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