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Sheffield 'one of safest cities in UK', says top officer

A top Sheffield police officer says the city is still one of the safest in the country, days after a man was stabbed to death.

Una Jennings
South Yorkshire Police

Ch Supt Una Jennings took over the role of district commander of Sheffield seven days ago.

From her previous role as district commander in Rotherham, she said she was aware of what policing in South Yorkshire was like.

Marcus Ramsay, 35, was killed in what police said was a "large-scale disturbance" in Horninglow Road, in the Firth Park area of Sheffield, on Saturday.

She said: "It's such a tragedy for that family. I can't imagine how they're feeling today and we'll do our best to bring the offenders that caused that to justice.

"We have well over 500,000 people living here in the city like me, and with people comes crime.

"Whilst I do still believe we are absolutely still one of the safest big cities in the UK to live, socialise, work and - of course let's not forget our two universities - study in, I am absolutely in tune to the fact there is a scaling complexity to Sheffield that is very different to Rotherham."

She added that organised crime groups are being targeted by a newly-established armed crime team that has seen 12 guns seized in the last week.

'We'll do everything to stop you' - Cop's message to gangs

Officers will do "everything we can" to stop organised crime groups terrorising communities after millions of pounds of drugs were recovered during a week of action, according to South Yorkshire Police.

Ian Proffitt
South Yorkshire Police

Guns and cash were seized along with £3m of cannabis (pictured below), heroin and crack cocaine during a raids against groups intent on "doing harm to our communities", the force says.

Temporary Supt Ian Proffitt said his team works day-to-day making arrests and disrupting the groups, with almost 100 people being arrested last week.

He said: "We are well equipped in South Yorkshire Police to deal with organised crime groups, to deal with people supplying drugs, and to deal with people who do the most harm to our communities.

"We'll do everything we can to keep the community safe, make arrests and recover drugs and guns."

He added the recent lockdown has meant people who might normally be at work in city centre offices have been noticing criminals going about their business near their homes and have reported it to the police, who then make arrests or raid properties for drugs.

He said: "What we hope to achieve is that continues as we gradually move out of lockdown. People see the results we've achieved last week, people understand this is what we do all the time, day-to-day, that they will continue to drive our activities to keep their communities safe by providing us with information and intelligence."

The cannabis plants
South Yorkshire Police