1. Episode 3

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    Video caption: An in-depth analysis of the UK's decade of austerity.

    As Covid-19 sends the UK into its deepest ever recession, Paul Johnson, director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, asks whether lessons can learned from 10 years of austerity.

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    Video caption: General election 2019: Swinson on coaltion cuts and spending

    The Lib Dem leader is reminded of voting for austerity cuts and asked why voters should trust election pledges to reverse them.

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    Video caption: General election 2019: Labour will lay 'foundations of new economy'

    Outlining Labour's pledges on inequality, John McDonnell says years of austerity have "limited people's ambitions"

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    Video caption: The children with no park to play in

    Children in Barrow are trying to raise £60,000 for a new park after the council closed their old one.

  5. By Rachel Schraer

    BBC Reality Check

    2 police officers

    As Boris Johnson announces a big recruitment drive, Reality Check checks what's happened to police numbers.

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