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Memorial planned for 'lost' WW2 munitions workers' grave

BBC Hereford and Worcester

A church is hoping to erect a memorial to the unknown victims of a World War Two bomb.

Graves at the church

At least 16 people died and 27 were injured when a German plane dropped a cluster of bombs on the factory at Rotherwas, in Herefordshire.

Many of the men and women killed in 1942 were buried in an unmarked mass grave at St Peter's Church in nearby Bullinghope and their names are still unknown.

The congregation is now fundraising for a memorial stone to honour them and they hope it will be ready for the anniversary of their deaths in July.

All of a sudden this plane came down, then the bomb dropped and Betty and myself, I think, were the only two that ran out of that unit and it had a direct hit and I think there were about 26 girls who were killed."

Nancy BillingsBomb survivor