The ducklings were helped to safety after falling down a weir at a park in Leeds.
The birds were carried to their waiting mum after the rescue.

Cuddy Ducks

Lindsey Chapman updates this Living World on eider ducks in Northumberland. From 2002
The eider duck, known locally as "Cuddy's" duck, is regarded as the first bird in the world to have been given conservation protection, when St Cuthbert offered the eider duck sanctuary on the Farne Islands in the seventh century. Today, they breed in vast numbers off the Northumbrian coast, and Brett Westwood travels to Amble harbour to see the duck's colourful breeding plumage, and listen to the famous "crooning" calls of the males in the company of the RSPB's Paul Morrison and biologist Hilary Broker-Carey

Since the programme was first broadcast the eider duck has been part of a discussion on Marine Conservation Zones.  Wildlife presenter Lindsey Chapman revisits this Living World from 2002 before bringing the story up to date for today's audience.

Producer Andrew Dawes

Amy from Alresford decided to do something very special last year

She makes up free bags of food for passers-by to feed ducks - asking only for donations.


The world's rarest 'fluff'
A duckling has disappeared from Castle Espie Wetland Centre in County Down.
A duckling worth £600 is believed to have been stolen from Castle Espie Wetland Centre in County Down.