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    Video caption: DNA Family Secrets: What happened to Bill's father?

    Seventy-five-year-old Bill has never met his dad, but he's about to discover life-changing answers.

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    Video caption: Explaining science with the Oxford juggler

    Hira Javaid is an oncology PhD student at Oxford University who uses juggling to explain science.

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    Video caption: DNA testing, sperm donor anonymity and me

    Natasha always knew that she was conceived using a sperm donor, but she also knew that she would never be able to find out his identity.

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    Video caption: Using technology to explore African genetics

    Nigerian start-up 54gene is building Africa's first bio bank for DNA.

  5. dog-in-a-hat-with-party-blower.

    New research suggests that we've been calculating the human age of our canine friends all wrong. Similarities in the DNA of humans and dogs have been used to come up with a new formula - and the calculation is a little more complicated than previously thought!

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