Schools' climate change protests

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    Video caption: COP26: Climate activists on what change means for them

    Climate activists from the Philippines, the UK and Argentina take questions on climate change.

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    Video caption: Greta Thunberg: COP26 'a global north greenwash festival'

    Climate activist Greta Thunberg has branded the COP26 climate summit a "global north greenwash festival".

  3. COP26: Young activists strike in Glasgow

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    Video caption: Bernard is the only activist who travelled here from the island nation of Tuvalu

    They feel excluded from the high-level talks. We hear from Bernard - the only activist who travelled here from the island nation of Tuvalu.

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    Video caption: Young people fear 'humanity doomed' by climate change

    A new global survey illustrates the depth of anxiety many young people feel about climate change.

  5. Climate change protest youngsters write sand slogans

    Youngsters worried about the impact of climate change have been protesting on the beach at Whitley Bay.

    Inspired by climate activist Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who skipped school and started inspired an international movement, the youngsters carved their slogans into the sand (pictured below).

    Young people with message 'keep carbon in the soil'
    Slogan 'the seas are rising, so are we' written in the sand

    North Tyneside YouthStrike4Climate was started by three local children concerned by global warming and increases in the Earth's temperature.

    One protester sits in sea with a placard