Food packaging

How the egg box became a million dollar idea
The BBC's Aaron Heslehurst explains how the egg box became a million dollar idea.

Edible burger wrappers 'within two years'

We could soon be eating our fast food packaging, as well as what's inside it
Fast food is one the biggest contributors to packaging waste and pollution, but it could also be the easiest area to introduce edible wrappers and containers, according to food futurologist Morgaine Gaye. She tells Emily Thomas brands are increasingly interested in the idea and it could be commonplace within a few years.

(Picture: A close-up of a burger. Credit: Getty Images)
Jonathan Warburton has told BBC Radio 5 Live they're soon to ditch unrecyclable wax paper.
Chairman of bakery tells 5 Live the firm is close to replacing unrecyclable wax paper.