BTS: 'We failed and tried again'
Arguably the world's biggest boy band, BTS open up about their "struggles and tears".

BBC Minute: On having cosmetic surgery to get a better job

South Korea's growing obsession with going under the knife
In South Korea, many young people think cosmetic surgery will increase their job prospects. We spoke to two young women who have had eyelid surgery - one of the most common procedures.

Seoul has been dubbed as the global capital of plastic surgery, with people from all over the world travelling there for procedures. South Koreans have more procedures than anyone - estimates suggest around 1 in 5 of the population have had some sort of plastic surgery. For young women in their twenties - it's around 60%. 

(Photo: A patient checks her appearance after undergoing a cosmetic rhinoplasty and eye procedures at JK Medical Group in Seoul. Credit: Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images)