Newspaper review: Graduate tax and cuts dominate


Potential cost-cutting measures fill the papers again, with graduate tax and free bus passes making many headlines.

"Cable begins universities revolution", declares the Guardian.

The Daily Telegraph is highly critical of the idea of the graduate tax, noting that it has been described as "the student loan you never pay off".

Meanwhile a Times letter writer takes issue with the idea graduates earn more than non-graduates, saying Mr Cable has clearly never needed a plumber.

Afghan 'reality'

In other news, the Daily Express celebrates the arrival of a "jab to stop all flu" within a few years.

The Daily Mail says plans to make people wait until they are 65 to get a free bus pass may be brought forward.

The Guardian suggests the number of criminal offences could go up because unemployment is expected to rise as a result of the public sector cuts.

And the Times leads on a description of what it calls the "brutal reality of nation-building" in Afghanistan.

Back for good?

Many of the papers are excited about the news Robbie Williams is reuniting with his former band-mates Take That.

The biggest hits feature heavily in many headlines. "Could it be magic again?" asks the Guardian, while the Mail wonders whether Robbie is "Back for Good".

"Retake That" is the Daily Mirror's headline.

While suggesting that the new album and tour could earn the band £75 million, the Sun opts for "Rake That."

Octopus envy

The Guardian reports on what it suggests might prove to be the biggest transfer story this summer.

The paper says negotiations have begun for Paul the Psychic Octopus, who correctly predicted World Cup results including Spain's final victory.

It could move from Germany's Oberhausen Sea Life Centre to Madrid's Zoo Aquarium.

Spanish officials have said they are prepared to trump any other offer, certain that he will attract thousands of visitors.

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