President Zardari's foreign policy: Your comments

Image caption, President Zardari's visit to the UK has been criticised by some in his country

President Asif Ali Zardari is visiting Britain amid a row over comments made about Pakistan's role in terrorism by Prime Minister David Cameron.

President Asif Ali Zardari has also been criticised for making his UK trip while his country is facing severe floods.

BBC News website readers have been sending in their views.

In support of President Zardari's foreign policy trip

President Zardari is in a 'no win' situation but I think he has made the best decision because to have ignored Mr Cameron's statement would have been disasterous. What message would that have sent to the countries so heavily involved in helping Afganistan to return to a state of stability? He had to continue with the meetings as planned and talk face to face with other leaders who obviously do not appreciate the difficulties he faces and the tight-rope he treads leading such a new and still ununified country.

Pamela Grant-Stevenson, Bagnoles, France

Do all those in Pakistan think President Zardari would have been a helping hand in this crisis? Foreign policy should not be put on hold, especially when there is flooding in Pakistan.

Engr Sarfaraz Ahmed Abbasi, Islamabad, Pakistan

It's good the president of Pakistan is here setting ties with the UK government, and establishing a close relationship to enhance trade, education and civil nuclear technology. If he gets all this by visiting the UK then it does benefit Pakistan. If not that means he's using Pakistan's poor people's money.

Kashif, London

Mr Zardari should personally be involved in overseeing the relief operations being provided to those affected by the floods. He can plan his visit abroad later.

Aftab, Vancouver, Canada

At this time my thoughts are with the people of Pakistan who have suffered loss of life, property and displacement by these floods. As for the president visiting Europe and UK and staying in a very exclusive suite at the Hyatt Regency in London along with his entourage whilst millions of Pakistanis are devastated by the floods this is, in my view, criminal and the international community should give this man and his team a cold shoulder.

Image caption, David Cameron's comments caused anger among some in Pakistan

Mohammad Yousaf, Peterborough

It is a moment of utter shame and disgust that at this moment when Pakistan is amidst the worst crises such as floods, a recent plane crash where 152 people died and terrorism. This is the most inappropriate time for Mr Zardari to visit the UK and France. He is spending poor people's money on a visit which has no political significance and will prove to be the blow to the reputation of his party.

Aamir Khan, Jhelum, Pakistan

He has just confirmed his detachment from the country he is the president of. A person with huge assets and interests abroad is not a representative of the country.

Ali, Brussels

I think dialogue is the solution to avoiding Cameron's misunderstanding towards Pakistan. Pakistan has played a key role in the fight against terrorism and is still effectively working to bring peace. Pakistan itself has a severe threat from Talibans and is facing street bombs. Zardari's dialogue with Cameron would bring Pakistan and the UK closer but at this time of floods, he should have made a short quick visit and not five days visit to the UK via a few days in France.

Humayun Zulfiqar, Birmingham

It is really strange to see Asif Zardari enjoying his Europe trip with his family - visiting his huge house in Paris and then flying to the UK for an official trip. Everyone in Pakistan is in panic due to the worst flood in history hitting three provinces. People are suffering for their survival. People are crying, there's no concern from Zardari and the ruling party in the country. The UK also has to pay attention to the people of Pakistan and save the country.

Masood, Islamabad, Pakistan