Bid to lure bored Britons to South Australia

Image caption, The potential for unusual jobs may attract Britons, the South Australian government hopes

A recruitment drive to lure Britons to jobs as diverse as koala catcher and beer taster has been launched by the government of South Australia.

It conducted a survey of 2,000 British employees which suggested 60% were bored with their jobs.

It hopes the promise of the "ultimate work-life balance" will tempt 18 to 30-year-olds abroad.

Britons who fly to Australia on a working holiday visa would be eligible for the roles.

The survey found those bored with their work said it rarely pushed them outside their comfort zone, while 71% said they never had an opportunity to escape the office.

The South Australian government is hoping to attract stressed and bored Brits, advertising a range of jobs "in stark contrast to the UK's long working hours, high taxes and increasing retirement age".

Other jobs include for a Little Penguin home remodeller on Kangaroo Island, a shark personality profiler at Port Lincoln and a "roo poo" harvester.

South Australia's agent-general in London, Bill Muirhead, said this was the first time the jobs had been released collectively.

"Life seems to be dealing workers a rough hand at the moment. Not even the recent sunny weather has managed to cheer up the Brits.

"This isn't about one job that everyone has to compete for, but rather about showing people that South Australia offers more exciting work and travel options than anywhere else in the world. And anyone on a working holiday could do them."

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