Papers evaluate school standards

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Sunday papers

The standard of school education comes under scrutiny across the Sunday papers.

Or, as the News of the World puts it, the "new grade favours posh kids over poor".

But, in the Mail on Sunday, one leading headteacher fears that universities may actually discriminate against pupils who do get A-stars.

'Genuine meritocracy'

The The Sunday Times reports on research which suggests that the recession is widening the gap between the north and the south of Britain.

At least two of the papers now expect the government to ask the former Labour minister Alan Milburn for help in formulating policy on social mobility.

The Sunday Telegraph sees Mr Milburn as an advocate of positive discrimination.

Conversely, it argues "that the best way to help the under-privileged is to create a genuine meritocracy".

First 100 days

The Americans tend to judge their presidents on how well they perform in their first 100 days.

That anniversary falls this week for David Cameron.

The Independent on Sunday prints a list of 100 cuts - and states the opinion that "across the country things are already looking gloomy."

The Sunday Telegraph says the coalition has exceeded expectations on education and welfare, but raised concerns on immigration, crime and equality.

Lucky 13

The News of the World reports the lucky escape of schoolboy Connor Laughlin. The paper says the 13-year-old was hit by lightening on Friday 13th.

It says he was struck while sheltering from the rain. Emergency calls were logged at 13 minutes past one - 13:13.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Express runs the headline: "Super Anne: The indestructible royal."

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