Tony Blair's book donation scrutinised by newspapers

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A decision by Tony Blair to donate the proceeds from his memoirs to the Royal British Legion attracts mixed comments.

"For once in his warmongering, money-grubbing career, the former prime minister has done something decent," says the Daily Mail.

The Daily Star says the bereaved will not believe it is "genuinely selfless", but the Times calls it an "act of courage".

The Daily Mirror leads with the image of government weapons expert Dr David Kelly and the headline: "No more lies."

But the Guardian says it is unlikely that a full inquest would come up with a significantly different verdict.

It says the Kelly family has not given support to the campaign, but the Daily Mail quotes a cousin saying she does not believe the official explanation that he committed suicide.

The main leader column in the Times takes stock of the Labour party leadership race.

The paper says it ought to be an opportunity for a viable idea of modern, social democracy to emerge, but no candidate merits victory yet.

Cartoonists gently mock Nick Clegg's role while David Cameron is on holiday.

The Sun depicts him as a schoolboy in shorts, while the Independent has him sitting in a budgie cage squawking: "I'm in charge, I'm in charge."

Ahead of the expected announcement of a ban on private car clamping, the Sun hails a victory by a motorist at Wembley in north London.

He sat in his car for 30 hours until private parking enforcers apparently gave in, removed four clamps on his car and accepted a £100 payment - instead of the £4,000 they had been demanding.

Most papers report the death at 45 of "Two Tone", Britain's biggest carp.

It had been admired by generations of anglers, says the Mirror, but the Times angling correspondent says too much fuss is made over "celebrity fish".

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