Welfare cuts speculation fills newspapers

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Speculation over government plans to cut the welfare system feature in many of the papers.

The Times says reductions in child benefit, winter fuel payments and other allowances would prompt claims David Cameron was breaking election pledges.

But a senior official tells the paper the case for ending universal state handouts is unanswerable, as "the well is dry".

Pensioner alarm?

It says ministers have resolved to increase the qualification age from 60 to at least 66 - and talks are under way to raise it still further.

Age UK tells the paper the chancellor would be breaking his word if the payment was axed.

Coalition's 100 days

On the 100th day since the coalition took office, many papers take the opportunity to look at its progress.

In the Sun, the PM says the government has to take difficult decisions while it has the goodwill of the public.

Facebook followers

The paper says Eric Schmidt has issued a stark warning about personal data people leave on the internet.

Meanwhile the Times and the Mail report on research into how having brothers affects a girl's development.

The Mail says boys keep their sisters "on the straight and narrow" by stopping them from growing up too quickly.

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