Finest hour: Your speeches to the nation


Friday 20 August marks the 70th anniversary of Winston Churchill's inspiring "The Few" speech, given during the Battle of Britain.

BBC News website readers have been writing their own speeches to inspire the nation to address its current challenges.

"It's up to each of us"

Phillip Khan-Panni in Bromley invokes each individual to find the path to recovery:

"These are difficult times and we have lost our way.

Those who have lost their jobs and those who are in debt have already begun to understand the harsh realities of the 21st century.

We have lost our way, and we must re-discover the path to recovery, to better times, perhaps even to greatness again."

"A united Britain"

Roy Sutton from Solihull believes that together the people can effect change:

"Today we find ourselves in a world full of fire and brimstone.

We the people need to bond together and create a great sea of hope to douse these flames and cool these cinders.

We can only do this by being a united Britain.

This way we can go forward. We are not here to take steps backwards. We are the people who create change."

"Get back to basics"

Alan Stewart from Lossiemouth in Scotland asks Britons to forget about their differences:

"As we awaken, enshrouded by the darkest night of financial recklessness, we must remind ourselves of what it is to be British.

Cast aside the divisions of race, class and locality and get back to basics.

Britain was founded on ideas and invention, community and fellowship, never backing down from the challenges presented to us regardless of the odds.

Now is the time for the people of Britain to forge the fellowship of community and pride in their country.

Now is the time to awaken from the darkness and herald a brighter, better Britain."

"We will achieve greatness by working together"

John Foster from Oswestry, Shropshire asks us to have faith in each other:

"We have arrived at another crucial point in the affairs of mankind where we all must once again enliven our faith and hope.

Faith in each other, in our commitment and in our combined strength.

Hope in the future that we will achieve greatness by working together in harmony and with other nations of the world."

"Let us feel hope as the world unites"

John Evan in Neath, West Glamorgan believes the world should unite to end the recession:

"People of Britain, we all have been affected by recession. From the northern most peak of Scotland, to our iconic cliffs in the South, an ancient symbol of British freedom and independence.

But we are not alone. From the furthest coast of America in the West to the far Russian East. We are all in this together.

And instead of feeling worry at that, let us feel hope as the world unites, together we shall calm these turbulent seas."

"Let's see the world through our children's eyes"

Jason Smith in Leicester calls on people to make the nation happier, safer and more prosperous:

"Let's see the world through our children eyes, let's love the people we share it with, and open up to potential. We are the potential.

I hope that one day we have a Britain where people talk to each other at the bus stop, people go out of their way to make one another's day, people know the names of their neighbours.

Because it's the people, and the things the people do that make this country so great."

"Fight the pollution plague"

Eva Fielding in Bristol urges the nation to think about the environment:

"Green Bins, they are only there for you. The oxygen given out from trees, they give it all to you.

But what do we give back? This seems to be a one-way system, but why should it be?

We have been warned once, and we have been warned twice, and now this is our last chance, lose this and we are out.

But it does not have to end this way. Don't walk home today and say "I surrender."

We will not give up yet! We will fight this pollution plague together. United as a country, we have the power."

"Be strong Britain"

Richard Darley in Knaresborough calls on Britain to be strong:

"A dark time is upon us. Not by invasion. Not by disease or illness but by the ever tightening grip of financial woes.

The voyage into austerity has begun. It will not be an easy journey. We will suffer, we will tire.

But be strong Britain. Weather the storm, and soon we shall see the rays of the sun shining through silver clouds, heralding the dawn of the new era."

"We must rise above our petty differences"

Robert Scott from Doncaster urges the nation to cast aside petty differences:

"People of Britain, we live in a time of great strife. The threat of terrorism, global warming and the depletion of our planet's natural resources are bearing down on our great nation.

However now is the time when we must choose how we want to move on from this.

Together as a nation we must rise above our petty differences to lead the world into the future as one nation, one people and more importantly as British citizens."

"Bisto will prevail"

Ian Montague from Tyne and Wear takes a different view:

"A blackening sky may be gathering for our isles, but a little jam and a lot of toast go a long way.

Now is the hour to take up our pitchforks and salute the vegetables of love, peas and happiness.

The gravy train has ended but let us not be woeful, bisto will prevail."

'Let's improve our situation'

Saqib Hussain from Lancashire thinks Britons should stay united:

"There is no virtue in fearing change, because in our circumstances, the only permanent aspect in them is change itself.

With optimism and hard work, let's improve our situation, and stay united."

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