Newspaper review: Papers divided over unions' vote


The TUC's vote for a national campaign of industrial action against public spending cuts is seen by the Daily Mirror as the start of a fightback.

David Cameron would be well advised to listen because all the sensible voices are against deep cuts, it suggests.

But the Daily Telegraph accuses the TUC of still having its head in the sand.

It is grossly irresponsible for union leaders on six-figure salaries to encourage trouble on the streets, the Sun argues.

Winter of discontent

The Daily Express believes it is time the TUC realised what a perilous state the UK is in.

The paper fears mad-dog opposition to the cuts will revive memories of bleak days when union action reduced the country to a virtual basket case.

The Daily Star agrees, saying a winter of discontent will solve nothing.

But the Guardian thinks the TUC will attempt to delay any action until the spring when unions believe people will start to feel the impact of the cuts.

Benefits system

The Daily Mail highlights what it says are shocking figures suggesting nearly 1.5 million people in the UK have not done a day's work since they left school.

The Mail criticises the benefits system and says the sooner it is shaken up, the sooner the government will restore hope to those who most need it.

The Daily Express feels it is a cause of shame the country has contrived a welfare system that allows and even encourages people not to work.

Reform is long overdue, it concludes.

Social engineering

The decision by Education Secretary Michael Gove to consider offering children from poorer families school places ahead of those from middle class families provokes much debate.

For the Daily Telegraph it prompts concerns of social engineering.

The Sun says the proposal will anger Tory MPs, who are likely to see it as an attack on the middle classes.

While the Daily Mail says it is likely to trigger a backlash from Conservative Party members.

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