Newspaper review: Papers react to Miliband victory

Sunday newspapers

The photograph of Ed and David Miliband hugging after Ed was declared Labour leader appears on the front pages of many of the papers.

Nevertheless, the News of the World understands David remains "psychologically broken" by the result.

It says there is a fear in the party there will be an exodus of top Blairites - including David.

The paper reports that David will be unable to face serving on a front bench led by his "kid brother".

Build bridges

"Victorious Ed Miliband begs David not to quit", is the headline on the front page of the Sunday Times.

The paper reports he is willing to give his older brother any job he wants to keep him at the "front line".

The Sunday Mirror says Ed will have to build bridges with the brother whose lifetime ambition he "crushed" in a "titanic struggle" for the leadership.

The Observer says Ed's "knife-edge" victory leaves his elder brother's political dreams in tatters.

'Common touch'

Both the People and Sunday Express understand Ed Miliband will use his speech to the Labour party conference to woo Liberal Democrat supporters and some of the MPs who are disaffected with the coalition.

The Independent on Sunday believes Ed Miliband's success can be credited to his apparent "common touch" and the ability to "speak human".

The Mail on Sunday reports that Ed Miliband's supporters believe he has the "charm" and "intelligence" to take on David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

Pope cost

Meanwhile, iIn the Sunday Telegraph, the government is criticised by the chairman of BAA over the decision to scrap plans for a third runway at Heathrow airport.

Sir Nigel Rudd says in an interview that Heathrow has been demoted to a "second tier" world airport.

Pope Benedict's recent visit to Britain features in the Mail on Sunday.

The paper reports that some Catholics are uneasy about claims a significant proportion of the cost had to be funded by rich business people.

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