The UK casualties at Majar al-Kabir

All six members of the Royal Military Police who were killed by a mob in Majar al-Kabir, southern Iraq, on 24 June, 2003, were based at Goojerat Barracks in Colchester, Essex.

The soldiers were from 156 Provost Company, part of the 16th Air Assault Brigade.

Cpl Russell Aston

Cpl Russell Aston was from Swadlincote in Derbyshire. Aged 30, he was married and had a daughter.

Image caption Cpl Russell Aston, 30

He joined the Army in 1993 and was posted to 156 Provost Company in March 2001, after service with the Grenadier Guards.

Cpl Aston was military parachute trained, and had served in Macedonia and Northern Ireland, and on operations in Kenya.

He was the company's physical training instructor and enjoyed an active social life within the unit.

"Russ was a very handsome man who was loved by everyone who knew him," his wife Anna, and parents Glenice and Mike, said in a statement in 2003.

"He was such a kind and special person with a smashing sense of humour, he could get on with anyone he met.

"He was a doting father who had lots and lots of friends. When he walked into a room he filled it with his height and presence."

"He loved his life in the Army."

Sgt Simon Alexander Hamilton-Jewell

Sgt Simon Hamilton-Jewell was from Chessington, Surrey. He was 41 and single.

Image caption Sgt Simon Hamilton-Jewell, 41

He was platoon sergeant of the Parachute Provost Platoon who first served as a soldier in the Territorial Army from 1979 to 1988.

He then spent 14 years in the Army before joining 156 Provost Company in March 2002.

Sgt Hamilton-Jewell served in Germany, UK, Northern Ireland, Sarajevo and Sudan.

As well as being a trained military parachutist, he was a qualified HGV driving instructor, and practised martial arts.

His mother Teresa and brother Tony said of him: "A nod, a wink or a smile, 100% human being dedicated to life.

"He was a man keen to help anybody, a fearless fighter, biker, hiker and climber.

"But above all, a man dedicated to the Army, his regiment, his unit, and to his comrades."

L/Cpl Benjamin John McGowan Hyde

L/Cpl Ben Hyde was from Northallerton, North Yorkshire. He was 23 and single.

Image caption L/Cpl Benjamin Hyde, 23

He joined the Army in June 2001 and was posted to 156 Provost Company in March 2002, where he served with the Parachute Provost Platoon.

A qualified radio operator, he was on his first operational tour of duty when he was killed.

"The red beret was all he ever wanted," said his father John. "It was his life, so he gave his life doing the job he loved most.

"All he ever wanted was to become a military policeman, and he worked very hard to become one.

"He was very career-minded, with bags of potential, and had been recommended for early promotion."

Cpl Simon Miller

Cpl Simon Miller was from Washington in Tyne and Wear. He was 21 and engaged to be married.

Image caption Cpl Simon Miller, 21

He joined the Army in January 2000 and was later posted to 156 Provost Company.

A qualified radio operator, he had served with 1 Para on a deployment to Kenya.

His parents John and Marilyn Miller said: "Simon had a real zest for life and was a keen sportsman.

"He loved the Army and was 100% a policeman in every sense of the word, committed to his job.

"He had great courage and was not afraid to stand his ground.

"Simon was promoted to corporal just before he left for Iraq and we were all really proud of him."

Cpl Paul Graham Long

Cpl Paul Long was from Colchester. Aged 24, he was married with a young son.

Image caption Cpl Paul Graham Long, 24

He joined the Army in April 1999 and was posted to 156 Provost Company in March 2000.

A member of the Parachute Provost Platoon, he was a qualified radio operator.

He was on his first operational tour with the Royal Military Police.

His brother and sister Byron and Maria said: "He only wanted to help others less fortunate than himself.

"Paul, who was loved dearly and will be sadly missed, died doing what he did best - helping others."

L/Cpl Thomas Richard Keys

Image caption L/Cpl Thomas Keys, 20

L/Cpl Thomas Keys was from Llanuwchllyn, near Bala in north Wales. He was 20 and single.

He joined the Army in August 1998, first serving with the 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment before transferring to the Royal Military Police.

He joined 156 Provost Company in January 2002 and served in Sierra Leone and Northern Ireland.

L/Cpl Keys was a fully trained paratrooper and physical training instructor who played football for the company.

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