10/10/10: Your special day

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Sunday is one of the busiest days of this year's wedding calendar with couples hoping the date 10/10/10 will bring them luck.

BBC News website readers have been explaining why Sunday's date is memorable to them:

Jane and Craig Down's 10th wedding anniversary

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Craig and Jane Down on their wedding day in Bali

My husband Craig and I got married on 10/10/00 so it will be our 10th anniversary.

The date's been pretty lucky for us. We didn't even choose our wedding date, we just booked a wedding package holiday to Bali on our own, no guests, we didn't even invite our families!

We got married in Bali mainly because we got fed up trying to organise a wedding in this country and it seemed a lot easier just to go on holiday.

So we turned up at the Four Seasons Resort in Bali and were told we would be having our wedding on the Tuesday which turned out to be 10/10.

Actually 10 was quite a significant number as at that point we had been together as a couple for 10 years as we had met at university in October 1990.

So I suppose, after 10 happy years of marriage you could say that 10 has been a lucky number for us, however I have had 10 in my Lottery numbers ever since the Lottery started and I'm not a millionaire yet!

I suspect we'll have a bottle of champagne to toast our 10 years on.

Our first son was born at 11 minutes past 11 on the 11th day of the 11th month (in 2004).

Musician John Beasley's 50th birthday

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Musician John Beasley

John Beasley, the musical director for AR Rahman and the Queen Latifah tours, will be celebrating his 50th birthday on a canal in Amsterdam.

His wife Lorna said: "John shares the same birthday with his music idol Theolonius Monk. He will be celebrating 10/10/10 listening to Monk all day long.

He's in Amsterdam visiting me but was quickly found out to be here, so he has been booked to do master classes at the Rotterdam Conservatory."

John said: "My wife is Chinese so the numerology is important to her. Do you think I should get married again on Sunday? Do you think I should go to a casino?

Tomorrow I'm going to wake up when I want to wake up. I might rent a canoe or a boat for the day."

Katy Roberts and Catherine Rhodes Wozniakowski's wedding day

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Katy Roberts and Catherine Rhodes Wozniakowski

We're having a civil partnership on 10/10/10. But other than two brides it will be a very traditional wedding with ivory dresses, a cake, and a string quartet.

We've been planning for two years.

We're both feeling quite calm and relaxed - we've planned everything and sorted it so it's just getting to the venue and having a fabulous day. Fingers crossed the weather holds for us.

The thought of having everyone we love in one room together is a little overwhelming, but very exciting.

There's still a lot to sort out - we have to check-in to the venue, set up the sweetie buffet, collect bridesmaid dresses and have a manicure.

I'm looking forward to tonight when we are going out for a meal with our bridesmaids and friends and then on to tomorrow.

Ollie Noonan and Rosie Ryan are getting married

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Ollie Noonan and Rosie Ryan got engaged on 05/05/05

We are getting married and purposely chose 10/10/10 but had picked the date before we knew it was a Sunday.

We got engaged on 05/05/05 - herself reckons I have no excuse if I ever forget either anniversary!

We're getting married in a church in Ireland and we will have our reception in a hotel.

We've been together for five-and-a-half years now - all the arrangements for tomorrow are done and dusted.

Other comments

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The newly married Mr and Mrs Hall

We are notoriously forgetful and have forgotten our anniversary of getting together two years in a row so we thought 10/10/10 would be the perfect day - a day we couldn't forget! David Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne

My wife and I got married last year on 10/10/09 but could not go on the honeymoon until this year. We are currently in the Maldives where we will celebrate our first anniversary while on our honeymoon. It will be a great day to remember. Paul Jacobs, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

My cousin in India has been waiting a year to get married on 10/10/10. He always joked that his wedding card is ready, the date has been fixed for 10/10/10, the menu and venue both decided - the only thing missing is the bride's name on it. He was fortunate enough to find a sweet girl this year and yes, they are getting married on 10/10/10 as per his year old invitation. Zainab K, Leicester

In Peterborough, the Great Eastern Run is starting at 10:10:10 on 10/10/10. I guess they deserve six out of 10 for thinking that up. John Airey, Peterborough

We chose 10/10/10 mainly based on the fact that it is 42 in binary - which, as every Hitchhiker's fan is aware, is the answer to the ultimate question in life! Colin Bolton, Oxfordshire

My not-so-little brother is getting married on the 10th of the 10th 2010 at, you guessed it, 10am! And for the first time in weeks, the weather forecast is sunny! Luck or a coincidence? It could well be 'the perfect day'. Rav Aujla, Staffordshire

I'm running in a cross-country race at Tring called the Ridgeway run. It is 10 miles long and starts at 10.10 in the morning. Tony Nolan, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire

Married already but my pregnant wife has been having mild contractions for a few days. We have our fingers crossed for a 10/10/10 birth - could we be lucky to get it at 10:10 in the morning? Tony Kenny, Melton Mowbray