7/7 inquests: Emergency calls in full

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Emergency calls between Tube station supervisors, London Underground control centre and emergency services have illustrated the scale of confusion in the aftermath of the 7 July bombings in London.

An inquest into the deaths of the 52 people killed by four suicide bombers on three Tubes and a bus, has been played recordings of the calls.

Excerpts of some of the many calls made have been transcribed below.

'We have customers on the track'


ALDGATE SUPERVISOR (AS): Um hello. This is Aldgate supervisor.

NCC: Yeah I've got the... the BTP [British Transport Police] are going to investigate because...

AS: Well, no, we have thick smoke coming from the tunnel. We have customers on the track.

NCC: On the track?

AS: Yeah. Train 204 is on the track between us and Liverpool Street. They are detraining themselves I've been advised. We're trying to get down to assist them but the smoke is really heavy.

NCC: Okay.

AS: We need the fire brigade I believe.

NCC: Yep alright. We'll get them along, yeah?

AS: Okay, thank you.

NCC: We'll send them to you and Liverpool Street, okay?

AS: Okay.

NCC: Okay. Thanks. Bye.

AS: Bye.

ALDGATE SUPERVISOR (AS): Hello this is supervisor at Aldgate. Will you please get as many ambulances as you can here.


AS: We have injuries...

LU: In what respect, sorry.

AS: We've got.. the police are requesting ambulances as well. All I've been told is there are serious injuries.

LU: Any erm, any idea? You've no idea...

AS: I have not been told... I've seen people coming up covered in smoke and injured and they've just taken my first aid kit...

LU: Right, okay.

AS: And they just said can you order as many ambulances as you can, so that's what I'm trying to do.

LU: Okay then.

AS: Thank you.

LU: Cheers.

SPEAKER 1 (S1): It looks like a HT cable blew.

SPEAKER 2 (S2): Okay.

S1: We don't think it's terrorist at the moment.

S2: Okay.

S2: Alright, so just… so you're suspended as well obviously. Okay, we had a loud bang in the region of Russell Square, on Russell Square westbound platform. Um, then our TT tripped. I've had the DSM go down at Russell Square, he can find no damage to the platform area.

But there's something… I can't get any contact with anyone at King's Cross but customers are de-training themselves from West 311 which is over the cross-over just west of King's Cross back, they're walking east and de-training themselves onto the westbound platform.

Look after whatever you can and I'm going to get a decision now on what we are going to do. Alright I'll come back to you Gary. I'll come back to you.

S2: Hang on we need ambulances and water to Russell Sq, erm, to King's Cross.

S1: I understand what you're saying.

S2: And Russell Square.

S1: Yeah, we'll get what we can to you okay.

S2: And Russell Square's a priority according to Stuart Howard, I've got to get the rest of that off him, okay?

S1: Russell Square, King's Cross...

S2: Yeah, but with Russell Square as a priority.

S1: Alright, it looks like we are going to have it as a major incident so we'll get ambulances to you wherever I can, okay?

S2: Okay, thanks mate.

SPEAKER 1 (S1): I've had a report that there was an explosion at Liverpool Street and Edgware Road.

SPEAKER 2 (S2): We've heard that, er, we've had a report of a bang west of Edgware Road. I don't know anything about Liverpool Street.

S1: Alright mate. Could you find out and let us know yeah? What you doing in terms of your service at the moment?

S2: Oh 204 apparently has reported hearing an explosion on his train.

S1: An explosion on train, yeah?

S2: Or a bang on his train. Where is 204? He's between Liverpool Street and Aldgate.

S1: Liverpool Street, Aldgate on the...

S2: ...On the outer rail. Okay?

S1: Alright. Let us know. Cheers mate. Ta.