Newspaper review: Papers focus on leaked Iraq files

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Sunday newspapers

Many of the papers focus on the release of thousands of secret US files on the conflict in Iraq.

Writing in the paper, Robert Fisk says the revelations show that America has been "caught out telling the lies that we always knew they told".

The Sunday Times says the leaked documents reveal that US troops shot dead 681 innocent civilians, including 30 children, at security checkpoints.

Benefit cuts

The paper says London councils have revealed they are preparing for a mass exodus of low-income families from the capital because of benefit cuts.

The Sunday Times says at least 100,000 public sector workers will be able to retire early on gold-plated pensions.

The paper reveals that generous terms are being offered to those who take voluntary redundancy as part of cuts.

Royal deal

The paper says the move is part of measures to help tackle the deficit.

The Mail on Sunday reports that the Royal Family have secured a lucrative deal from the massive expansion of offshore wind farms.

The paper says the Queen will net up to £38m a year as the seabed off the UK is owned by the Crown Estate.

Economy warning

A poll for the News of the World suggests one in three workers fears the sack because of government cuts.

And contrary to the government's line, a narrow majority - 45% against 42% - believe the measures are unfair.

The paper says Professor Christopher Pissarides warns they threaten to send the jobless total spiralling.

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