Crime scene laboratory closures discussed in the press


Government plans to close publicly-funded crime scene laboratories are discussed in the day's papers.

They say that this would mean Britain will lose its place as a world leader in crime-scene investigation.

Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys, who pioneered DNA fingerprinting, is among 33 forensic scientists who have written to the paper expressing their concerns.

Michael Gove also says the government intends to reform the exams watchdog so it can force tough changes to A-Levels.

Foreign spending

The increase happening is because other countries are unable to pay full contributions to a UN disaster fund.

At present, under the 1944 Education Act, pupils are expected to take part in a daily act of worship of a "broadly Christian" character.

The paper says the National Secular Society wants that Act to be dropped because it infringes human rights.

Gift solution

An internet retailer in the United States has apparently devised a system which allows people to veto unwanted gifts before they have been sent.

The intended recipients are able to convert such presents into credit, with which they can buy other things, without the gift-giver being informed.

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