BBC links to other news sites

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Website linking montage

Our users tell us that one of the things they value most about our service is our policy of linking openly to other websites.

That is why we have provided links to local news sites in your city, county or region. They appear on all the BBC's local news indexes in England, Wales and Scotland, and on individual articles on those indexes.

This module offers up to six headline stories (three on our mobile site) from local news sites and a link through to the news index from the same site. The links are provided through a news aggregator called LexisNexis. Read the BBC Links Q & A for a fuller explanation.

The headlines appear in order of most recently published so the latest news story should always be at the top of the module. The story could come from any of the news providers in your area. We are filtering the results to show no more than two from any one source at a time.

The news sites that appear in the module have been selected by the BBC to provide a service of headlines that is local, authoritative and comprehensive.

We have included the major news sites in your city, county or region. We have selected them on the basis that they produce a feed of news stories available through LexisNexis , and that the stories are originated and not simply a rehash of agency stories. They are general news sites, not campaigning or single issue sites, and the feed is designed to feature only news stories and to exclude adverts. Finally, the sites should have a certain scale across your city, county or region.