Newspaper review: Papers embrace Mubarak resignation

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"Egypt's new dawn" is how the Guardian describes Hosni Mubarak's decision to resign after 18 days of protests.

The Daily Telegraph says Cairo resounded to chants of "the dictator has fallen".

The Independent shows fireworks over the city's Tahrir Square.

Correspondent Robert Fisk says "it was as if every man and woman had just got married, as if joy could smother the decades of dictatorship and pain and repression and humiliation and blood".

'History unfolds'

A female protester weeping with joy in Egypt is the front page picture in the Daily Mail.

"History unfolds" is the headline in the Times. It suggests the toppling of Egypt's 30-year regime is "this generation's Berlin Wall moment".

The Financial Times recounts how Hosni Mubarak was swept from power by an "overwhelming wave of popular protest".

One leading member of the youth revolution tells the paper: "Egypt will be heaven in 10 years".

Shaken not stirred

The Sun has a story about a new opportunity to serve those who serve their country at MI6.

It suggests "Britain's James Bonds have posted an online ad for a butler to serve up their vodka martinis".

The paper says applicants for the position of hospitality steward are urged to maintain the utmost secrecy when submitting their CVs.

The Foreign Office insists the role is essential in an organisation that has numerous VIP visitors.

Taking the biscuit

The Archers' very own VIP visitor has caused controversy in what the Daily Telegraph is calling Biscuitgate.

It reports that dozens of listeners accused the show of product placement.

One of the characters seemed to be promoting Duchy Originals shortbread while talking about a visit to Ambridge by the Duchess of Cornwall.

A BBC spokesman tells the paper the reference was editorially justified and set the tone for the Duchess's cameo appearance on Wednesday.

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