Newspaper review: Forests decision triggers debate


News that ministers are to axe plans to sell-off England's state-owned forests triggers much debate in the papers.

Under the headline "forest farce", the paper says the abandonment of the policy follows a furious backlash.

'Hopes sink'

Nearly all the papers cover the new high in youth unemployment, with one in five 16 to 24-year-olds now jobless.

The Independent, meanwhile, claims "the beast of joblessness remains at large", inflicting damage on hundreds of thousands of lives.

Decency call

There was strong reaction to news that sex offenders can appeal against having to register with police for life, as a Supreme Court ruling is adopted.

The Sun calls it a "perverts' charter" and demands the government "finds the guts" to stand up for decency.

For the Daily Express it is another reason to leave the European Union and the "insane" jurisdiction of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Sprouting crisis

It tells us rising greenhouse gas emissions made severe flooding in the autumn of 2000 twice as likely.

The Financial Times says regulators may get new powers to ban retail products when the Financial Services Authority is broken up into three bodies next year.

Finally, the Daily Telegraph says the middle classes face a crisis - a shortage of purple sprouting broccoli.

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