Newspaper review: Libya turmoil fills front pages


Speculation about the fall of Col Gaddafi makes nearly all the papers.

The Sunday Telegraph says the net is closing in on the Libyan leader, while the Independent on Sunday tells us the stage is set for his last stand.

The Sunday Times says the noose is tightening on the Sahara strong man turned cornered rat.

And the Observer claims his 42 years as "bizarre dictator" are drawing to a close. It says nobody wants to sit idly by while thousands more perish.

Rescue mission

The rescue of oil workers from Libyan desert areas is also widely covered.

The Observer claims British special forces secured runways to allow the RAF Hercules aircraft to land safely.

The Sunday Times has an account from one British oil worker who says he only caught the flight because he saw the Hercules aircraft flying overhead.

Royal wedding

The News of the World says struggling families face a decade of despair because of rising prices and wage freezes.

It claims working couples with children will be up to £4,250 worse off in 2011.

And the couple who run a local shop in the Berkshire village tell the Sunday Telegraph of their surprise invitation.

Oscars hype

As excitement mounts ahead of the Oscars, a study in the Sunday Times claims winners could live four years longer than nominees who miss out.

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