Profile: Shehzad Tanweer

Shehzad Tanweer and Mohammad Sidique Khan photographed by MI5, 2004
Image caption 2004 surveillance photo: Khan and Shehzad Tanweer (left) watched - but unidentified - by MI5

Shehzad Tanweer was born in Bradford but lived most of his life in the Beeston area of Leeds - little over half a mile from his friend, the bus bomber Hasib Hussain.

Tanweer was a sports science graduate whose interests included cricket and ju-jitsu. In 2004, he was arrested for disorderly conduct and cautioned.

Throughout the same year, Tanweer was working closely with Mohammad Sidique Khan on their joint plans to join the jihad in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

MI5 saw the men meeting other known plotters four times in February and March of that year.

The pair later left together for a Pakistan training camp in November.

Within weeks, they sent a message back to Leeds that they would be returning - an indication they had been retasked with carrying out an atrocity in the UK.

Speaking shortly after the bombings, Tanweer's uncle said his nephew and fellow bomber Khan spent a great deal of time together in the lead-up to their departure for Pakistan.

Tahir Pervez said: "They used to be up all the night talking to each other whenever Khan visited Tanweer during this period."

The greatest insights into Tanweer's life come from two people he was close to.


Waheed Ali was one of three friends of the bombers acquitted of involvement in the attacks. Ali, who was separately convicted of planning to attend a terrorism training camp, told his trial that Tanweer was known to his close friends as "Kaki".

Image caption Shehzad Tanweer went to Pakistan to join a jihadi training camp

Ali had planned to join Tanweer and Khan on their 2004 training camp trip - but when he got to Pakistan, he said he found the pair had moved to another location. He told the jury that when Tanweer returned to the UK, he was aloof and kept his distance.

The trial also heard Ali recount how Tanweer's hair had bleached towards the end of June. The bomber said he had been swimming regularly in chlorinated water. The bleaching had been caused by the chemicals he had been mixing.

However, "Witness A", a former secret girlfriend, told the inquests that Tanweer had told her the bleaching was an after-effect of Pakistan's sun.

The woman had a close, but not intimate relationship with Tanweer which was explained in court in limited terms to protect her identity. The pair had been close, but then unspecified circumstances forced them apart.

The pair clearly had feeling for each other - and they spent a secret night together in the days before the attacks.

Witness A broke down in tears as she recounted the meeting at which she had no idea of what he about to do. Tanweer suggested they could have a future together - but he told her that he was first going to Scotland for a week.

Shehzad Tanweer detonated a bomb on a Circle Line train between Aldgate and Liverpool Street stations, killing himself and seven people, and injuring more than 100.

The night before the attacks, he had played cricket with local friends. He told his family he was going camping near Manchester for a few days.

His remains were buried near his family's ancestral home town of Samundari in Punjab province, Pakistan, in October 2005.

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