Newspaper review: PM's immigration speech leads papers

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Several papers lead on the speech David Cameron will be making later, attacking Labour over immigration.

According to the Times, the prime minister is "raising the stakes" and risking a rift with the Lib Dems.

The Daily Telegraph says he will blame the welfare system for creating a generation of workshy Britons, leaving the jobs market open for migrants.

Art of persuasion

And things are not looking much better for him today, as the Daily Mirror calls for him to resign.

While, according to the Telegraph, if politics is the art of persuasion, Andrew Lansley must be among its least-skilled practitioners.

Even his colleagues find his health reforms baffling, the paper says.

Handcuffs and jumpsuits

The Guardian has a picture of what it calls the "notorious" Tora prison complex in Cairo.

On Wednesday, Hosni Mubarak's sons, Gamal and Alaa, were led in there, wearing handcuffs and white jumpsuits.

"Egypt's remarkable revolution has boasted many poignant moments.

"But the sight of the all-powerful Mubarak family being led into the top security cells which once housed their opponents will count among the most memorable," the paper says.

Sick mother

There is a sorry tale in the Daily Mail of a mix up which led to an innocent woman being arrested on her way to visit her terminally ill mother.

Police locked Beverley Bennett in a cell for six hours on suspicion of driving away from a filling station without paying for her fuel.

After realising their mistake, officers drove Mrs Bennet to her car - left in a lay-by - only to find it had been stolen.

Mrs Bennett, of Grays, Essex, received £2,000 in an out-of-court settlement.

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