Newspaper review: Three leaders write with one voice

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The Times makes the most of its joint article on Libya by David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy and Barack Obama.

Above the headline: "The united front" are large photos of the three leaders.

The paper says Mr Obama put his name to the pledge to "fight on until Gaddafi goes" following criticism at home when the US pulled back its war planes.

The Daily Telegraph follows up Mr Cameron's immigration speech with statistics showing one in eight people living in Britain was born abroad.

Hungry children

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown is set to take on a lucrative advisory role at the World Economic Forum, according to the Independent..

Every winter, the forum holds meetings of politicians, business leaders and academics in the Swiss resort of Davos.

But, the paper says, Mr Brown's friends believe he would rather be director of the International Monetary Fund.

Meanwhile, the Mirror says school children are too hungry to learn as families are too poor to feed them.

Rising rates

A fresh crisis for the eurozone could be looming with Greece defaulting on debt repayments, the Telegraph reports.

Despite a bail-out last year, the paper says the country is in deep recession and interest rates on 10-year Greek government bonds hit 13% on Thursday.

The Daily Express says millions of people are facing retirement without the pension income they had expected.

The paper says new figures show a record number of final salary occupational schemes closed last year.

Ice-free runways

The Daily Mail says the BBC is being accused of acting as "a cheerleader for assisted suicide".

The paper reports that a documentary for this summer will show the moment when a man with motor neurone disease takes his own life at a Swiss clinic.

The Guardian says managers at Heathrow airport are considering plans to keep runways ice-free in winter by installing underfloor heating.

It says summer sunshine could be stored and used to heat asphalt.

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