Newspaper review: Focus on Fifa and bribery claims

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Many of the papers turn their attention to football's governing body Fifa which is embroiled in bribery allegations.

The suspension of two senior figures and the clearing of the president, Sepp Blatter, is described by the Daily Mail as a "farce"..

The Sun says Mr Blatter has had 13 years to tackle corruption and he has "failed to get stuck in".

The Independent shares the general feeling of disquiet that Mr Blatter will now be re-elected.

'War hero'

The Independent devotes its front page to an account by the paper's sailing correspondent of how he heard that his son had been killed in Afghanistan.

Sam Alexander's father, Stuart, writes that "the call, when it comes, is so stunning that everything goes numb".

Marine Alexander and the officer killed with him, Lt Ollie Augustin, were "the bravest of the brave", says the Mirror. .

Referring to Marine Alexander's Military Cross, the Daily Express calls him a "war hero."

'Grim' reading

Sales of mothballs and sprays are said to have doubled and even the Department for the Environment has had to fumigate its headquarters in Westminster.

The Guardian highlights a report suggesting that emissions of the gases blamed for causing climate change rose by a record amount last year.

The paper describes the findings of the International Energy Agency as "grim."

Banking on rain

What the Times judges to have been "one of the most bitter feuds in modern literature" would appear to be over.

After "fifteen years of venomous accusations," it says, Paul Theroux and Sir VS Naipaul have shaken hands.

It would not be a bank holiday without some bad weather, and the Sun predicts up to nine hours of rain. .

The Daily Mirror has pictures of deserted beaches and wind-blown deckchairs, while the Daily Star says "we're having a heatwave on Thursday"..

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