Climate change effects overseas 'matter to UK'

Eggborough Power Station, near Selby, North Yorkshire Image copyright PA
Image caption UK authorities are urged to look beyond the impact of global warming on these islands

The overseas effects of climate change in coming years will be as significant for UK interests as any domestic impact, a report has warned.

The Foresight report says UK authorities must look beyond the effects on these shores.

Rising temperatures could bring poverty, disease, food and water shortages that damage international business and finance, the report warns.

But there could be opportunities for UK expertise in low-carbon technologies.

The authors of the report, examining the international dimensions of climate change for the UK government, say Britain must plan ahead for uncertain times.

Climate change-related problems could threaten international peace and security, they warn, and fluctuating global temperatures could disrupt the flow of natural resources and commodities.

But the report also suggests the possibility of new jobs based on UK expertise in low-carbon technologies and coastal engineering.

Even the insurance industry could prosper as business tries to offset future risks, it says.

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