Cardiff cabbie Adam Derbi's tip wins Euromillions £1m

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Adam and Naphtalia Derbi
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Adam Derbi and his wife Naphtalia plan to move to a large home

A taxi driver father-of-five picked a £1m Euromillions winning lottery ticket with the cash he was handed as a tip.

Adam Derbi, 35, from Cardiff, bought three tickets for last Friday's draw with the £6 he was given by a customer.

He plans to move with his wife Naphtalia, 30, and their four daughters and a son from their rented terraced home to a larger property in the city.

He has not yet decided whether to give up work, and said: "You never know, I might get another great tip."

He added: "I don't know who the customer was but I can't thank him enough."

The lucky tip even landed Mr Derbi a second win - an extra £5.10 that was added to his winnings cheque.

Mr Derbi, whose children age from two to 13, drives a six-seater taxi for city firm Capital Cabs at least five days a week.

He said: "I don't get many good tips these days because everyone is finding money tight.

"But I had a £6 tip last Friday and decided to try three lines in the Euromillions draw just for fun.

"I can't believe I'm now a millionaire because of that tip.

"I spotted the fiver first but then I realised it was a million pound as well. I couldn't stop shaking. My wife didn't believe me at first."

His Euromillions Millionaire Raffle win came as a single UK ticket won the £161m Euromillions jackpot, Europe's biggest-ever lottery prize.

'Decent start in life'

Mr Derbi said he did not envy whoever has scooped the cash.

He said: "It is a colossal amount of money to deal with. I hope whoever has won it can enjoy it - I know I will make the most of my million.

He said he planned to bank as much could to "give security and a decent start in life for our children".

He said: "What with university fees and the expense of bringing up children, we will be looking after our money.

"But I'll be making plans for the children to have deposits for a house when they are old enough.

"It's just great that we've been given the opportunity to give our children a solid start in life."

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