Newspaper review: Riot fallout digested by papers

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

The fallout from the four nights of rioting which hit cities in England is digested in the day's newspapers.

The Sun carries a headline revealing that among those taking part in the looting were a lifeguard, a millionaire's daughter and a postman.

The Daily Telegraph headlines with "Our Sick Society" as it also gives details of those facing riot-related charges.

The FT says many cases were referred by magistrates up to crown court, where more severe sentences can be imposed.

Young offenders

The Daily Express leads with the story of how an 11-year old boy, the youngest person to be accused of looting, was "brought to justice".

The paper says he was "bundled into court" by his mother and aunt, where he admitted stealing a £50 bin from a department store.

The Daily Mirror also carries an interview with one of the rioters, a 16-year-old named as LJ.

He told the paper he would not be sent to prison because they were "full".

The Times carries the story of Tariq Jahan, father of Haroon, one of the three men knocked down and killed by a car in Birmingham.

He said his 21-year-old son "died defending the community he lived in".

Cuts attacked

The Daily Star has the three men's pictures on its front page, describing them as "heroes".

The Daily Mail speaks of Tariq Jahan's "immense dignity" when he appealed for calm and urged people to "calm down and go home, please".

The mounting pressure on the government to scrap police cuts is covered by the Guardian.

It says there are fears that Home Office plans to make savings in the police service could leave an "exposed flank" in future civil unrest.

The Independent describes David Cameron as looking "increasingly isolated" over the issue of police funding cuts.

It reports how the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, says the case for cuts has now been "substantially weakened".

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