Newspaper review: Liam Fox's friendship is examined

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

The working relationship between Liam Fox and his friend Adam Werritty is dissected by the papers, as an internal inquiry is due to report its findings.

The Daily Telegraph says the defence secretary and Mr Werritty have an "an unlikely friendship" and points to the age gap of 16 years .

The Times says their relationship was "a tangled one", as they have "shared investments, offices, holidays and houses," it says.

Market forces

The Guardian says Labour has changed its policy on health .

It says the party is prepared to support the transfer of commissioning powers to family doctors, but only if the government drops its health and social care bill.

The Financial Times says the first academic study of the health changes introduced so far suggests poor people have not lost out and may have actually gained from the introduction of market forces into the NHS.

Puppy love

According to the Daily Mail, Britain remains a nation of optimists .

The paper says four in five people tend to look on the bright side, which means we benefit from lower levels of stress and anxiety but can be unprepared for when things go wrong.

Meanwhile, the Sun says owning a dog can help men find love .

It says women are drawn to a range of breeds, including golden retrievers, border collies and labradoodles.

'Beaming faces'

One man in love is Sir Paul McCartney, who married Nancy Shevell on Sunday.

Both may be "wealthy people" says the Daily Express, "but their beaming faces told the world that all you need is love."

The Daily Mirror wishes them well as the couple embark on "the magical mystery tour of marriage."

The "simple elegance" of the bride's white dress, which was designed by Sir Paul's daughter Stella, was admired by the Daily Mail .

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