UK newspaper review: Greek PM puts euro in 'jeopardy'

The Times warns the future of the euro is in "jeopardy" following the decision to hold a referendum in Greece on the bailout package and austerity measures.

The paper says in its editorial that it is surely right to insist that Greeks have a say over their economic fate.

But it adds the surprise offer by George Papandreou makes a mockery of political leadership in the EU.

It will now be hard to take EU summits seriously when there is the possibility that leaders will rewrite the details, the paper suggests.

'Supremely selfish'

The Daily Mail goes further - declaring that Europe is "teetering on the edge of disaster".

Matthew Lynn writes in the Mail that perhaps George Papandreou is using the tactic to "wrangle" more money - which effectively means he is putting a gun to the head of the EU.

The Sun says the Greek prime minister is not only supremely selfish and ungrateful.

He is putting the financial fate of millions of people in peril, it adds.

Bank donations

The Daily Telegraph believes that a call by the Archbishop of Canterbury for a tax on financial transactions shows that he has thrown his weight behind protesters outside St Paul's.

The Daily Mail reports that St Paul's might suffer because it relies on big city donors to fund renovations.

According to the Independent, the cathedral has raised £40m over the past decade from banks and institutions.

These include the London Stock Exchange and the Corporation of London.

'Endemic' phone hacking

The Independent is convinced that the latest cache of revelations about phone hacking at the News of the World show that it was endemic at the newspaper.

The Financial Times says it "torpedoes" the pretence that senior executives knew nothing early on in the scandal.

But the Independent does praise the former tabloid for exposing the Pakistan cricket betting scam.

It says this is a much needed reminder that investigative journalism, done properly, is a force for good.

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